Christiansen Construction Sticks Around for a Reason

More services, more customers and more satisfaction in Twin Falls and Jerome, ID

At Christiansen Construction, we're more than just residential and commercial concrete contractors – we also do excavation and demolition work. With skills in all three areas, you can count on us to complete your project in a timely fashion.
After the concrete is mixed, we place it in the formwork, which defines the final position. Depending on the project requirements, concrete is poured from a mixing truck, buckets or wheelbarrows.

In most cases, contractors excavate sites in order to build foundations, reservoirs and roads. These excavation projects require the services of skilled contractors such as the ones employed at Christiansen Construction in Twin Falls and Jerome, ID.
Need to start from scratch? We provide demolition services, too. Although it’s dangerous work, we have the experts to do it safely and correctly.

Explore other services to fulfill all of your needs

Explore other services to fulfill all of your needs

Our Twin Falls and Jerome, ID construction company also has expertise with gravel, which is used in laying beds for roads and foundations, forming pathways, creating cement and other applications. Gravel is a proven resource that costs very little.
We are also licensed to do underground plumbing outside of your building, for projects such as sprinkler systems.

A few of the many projects we can accomplish to your satisfaction include:

  • Concrete walls
  • Airports
  • Mobile homes
  • Curbing and sidewalks
  • Driveways
  • Water tanks

Christiansen Construction can tear down your building within minutes, so call us today to get your Twin Falls and Jerome, ID demolition project in the works.