Secure your foundation with a building material made from gravel, sand, cement and water that forms into a solid mass.


Our contractors move earth, rock and other materials with specialized equipment in preparation of your project.


Our contractors can tear down and remove your old, unwanted structures safely and cleanly, often in just minutes.


Looking for a new pathway or patio foundation? We'll use gravel and crushed rock to make concrete, which is an excellent resource for residential surface applications.

45 Years of Industry Experience That You Need

Christiansen Construction is family owned in Twin Falls & Jerome, ID

As a family-owned business with decades of hands-on experience, you can trust that we care about our customers. We'll do the job at a price you can afford by completing the entire project ourselves. We don’t subcontract out work unless it is absolutely necessary. You save when we don't subcontract.

Customer satisfaction is what builds our company's reputation. Every time you are thrilled with the work we do, a neighbor or a coworker you share it with becomes a potential client.

We truly enjoy making people happy with our Twin Falls & Jerome, Idaho construction services. Reach out now to get your free estimate.

Choosing Christiansen Construction is in your best interest

We have a lot to offer our customers under one full-service roof. Our Twin Falls company has all of the equipment and knowledge necessary to complete your next construction project.

We offer three key services for your construction:
  • Concrete
  • Demolition
  • Excavation

Many companies focus on one of the three, whereas we do them all. If you're looking for a residential or commercial construction contractor in Twin Falls or Jerome, ID, call us today.

Stop waiting on the edge of your seat – choose Christiansen Construction

You hire a construction company to pave your driveway. You come home from work expecting to cruise up your new driveway into your garage, but the contractors aren’t finished. Yet again, you’re forced to park on the street as a bird flies by and dive-bombs the windshield.

Christiansen Construction in Twin Falls & Jerome finishes projects in a timely manner and doesn’t keep you waiting. Your time is valuable, and we keep that front of mind.
Each employee has worked with us for an extended period of time and is dedicated to completing your project with care and attention to detail. Our workers are trained to meet all construction standards and to get the job done efficiently.

Contact us immediately for loyal contractors who will get the job done on your schedule.

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